Welcome to the Christian Song Competition.
Entries are now open for the 2014 season!
The deadline this year is December 1, 2014. The sooner you enter the more interaction you can generate through SoundCloud!
Each year, we are excited to see what the competition will do for the winners of each category, and this year was no exception in how this competition was able to help further the ministry of each of the winners. The video produced for the Song for the Children by Olivia Pothoff was used on the Steven Curtis Chapman tour, and was seen by literally thousands of people in addition to the exposure it received online. Jon Buller’s Worship song was heard by churches around the world, and is in use now as a result of the exposure it received as the winner.
Enter your songs today, and increase the circle of influence they can have in people’s lives!
To enter the Worship Song, click here: Worship Song Registration
To enter the Open song, click here:  Open Song Registration
To enter the Compassion Song for the Children, click here:  Song for the Children Registration
Congratulations to the winners from last year’s competition:
The Winner in the Compassion Song for the Children Category is Olivia Pothoff: More Than Gold https://soundcloud.com/olivia-pothoff/01-more-than-gold?in=user638906212%2Fsets%2Fsfc
The winner in the Open Category is Bori Afolabi: Whose Somebody  https://soundcloud.com/boriafolabi/whose-somebody?in=user638906212%2Fsets%2Fopen
The winner from the Worship Category is Jon Buller and his song “Sing His Song!”:  Thanks to our sponsor for this category, #PraiseCharts for their amazing work in helping make this all happen this year!
Second place was Jason Chatham, and tied for third was Eric Michael and Dmetric Phillips. Not only did Jon Buller win the Worship Song category, but he also won the overall Grand Prize. A big thanks to each and every entry. It was a very strong year, and we are encouraged to see so many strong songs being written for the Ultimate Purpose!  https://soundcloud.com/jonbuller/sing-his-song