Welcome to the Christian Song Competition.
Entries are now open for the 2014 season!
The deadline this year is December 1, 2014. The sooner you enter the more interaction you can generate through SoundCloud!
Congratulations to the winners from last year’s competition:
The Winner in the Compassion Song for the Children Category is Olivia Pothoff: More Than Gold https://soundcloud.com/olivia-pothoff/01-more-than-gold?in=user638906212%2Fsets%2Fsfc
…and the winner in the Open Category is Bori Afolabi: Whose Somebody  https://soundcloud.com/boriafolabi/whose-somebody?in=user638906212%2Fsets%2Fopen
The winner from the Worship Category is Jon Buller and his song “Sing His Song”!:  Thanks to our sponsor for this category, #PraiseCharts for their amazing work in helping make this all happen this year!
Second place was Jason Chatham, and tied for third was Eric Michael and Dmetric Phillips.Not only did Jon Buller win the Worship Song category, but he also won the overall Grand Prize. A big thanks to each and every entry. It was a very strong year, and we are encouraged to see so many strong songs being written for the Ultimate Purpose!  https://soundcloud.com/jonbuller/sing-his-song

Worship Song:

Congratulations to the top 12 songs! The voting was so tight from the top 25 songs, that we had to declare a three way tie for the 10th spot, and have 12 finalists in the last round. Go to www.praisecharts.com/csc-top12 for the top 12 finalists.

Song for the Children:

Brant Pethick: Imagine Someday

Olivia Pothoff: More Than Gold

Carola Bethea: Lord Have Mercy

Aaron David: Change the World

Marika Siewert: I’ll Be Strong For You

Hannah Ford: Jesus Hold the Children

Open Song:

Jason Chatham: Grace 

Shalom Rapperz: Cypha The Next Generation    

Scotty Dickert (Reasons Be): Voice of Mount Mary

Aaron Bucholtz: Friend in Jesus 

Bori Afolabi: Hollywoods  

Marika Siewert: This Christmas Time  

Fransien Scott: Let Me Fly   

Brian Jansen: River

Matt Crisp:You Hear Us   

Bori Afolabi: Whose Somebody    

Thank you for making 2013 a huge entry year! Continue to build the community, and enjoy the music. If you have any feedback, please email us at info@christiansongcompetition.com.