The Christian Song Competition will not be open for entries for the 2015 Season. Thanks to all of the amazing writers and folks who helped make the event a huge success for many years. We wish you all the very best and please continue to write great life-changing music!

Congratulations to last years top contestants! Here are the top 30 songs in the Worship and Open Categories, and top 10 in the Song for the Children.

Open Category:

Joal Kamps Learning to Pray
Dino Ascari Relentless
Brad Whitscell Gold and Silver
Kevin Major Tell Me About God
Joe Antonelli Taste and See
LeBaron K Robinson If You Took Your Love Away
Fraser Campbell: Light Up the Night
Glenn D’Souza Shine
Eric Nichols Customized
Weston Skaggs Fire in my Bones
Brian Jansen Thank You
Naomi Striemer: Giving it to God
Patrick Geddes: Overcome
Buc WIlliams: Sacrifice
Brad Guildmond: The Runaways
Weston Skaggs: Wasteland
Joshua Houeto Verses for the King
Derek Charles Johnson: Carry On
Agnes Delray Work in Progress
Jeremy Sorensen: With You
Kimberly Sorensen: Psalm 91
Lisa Crombie: So In Love
Margaret Graham: No Greater Love
Matt Adams Reaching to Heaven
Andrew Hemmerling Love in Motion
A.B. McLean Hindsight
Matt Adams Saviour
Kim A Inch: Set Me Ablaze
Jeremy Sorenson: Rise
Daniela Flores: Heaven


Worship Song Category

Alana Klatt Lord of Everything
Clayton Nunweiller Isn’t He Magnificent
Mike R Schuster Almighty God
J Doton Band Louder than the radio
Derek C Johnson Makes Me Want to Sing
Tamara D Redeemed
Allan Froese We Won’t Stop
Dave Siverns Cut through the Noise
Bronwen Anderson We are Your Children
Greg Layden Pleasing to You
Keith Elgin Dance, Dance, Dance
DC Carson Light of Your Glory
Luke Langman Joy
Sean Swanson Thank You Jesus
Weston Skaggs Deliverer
Stephanie Israelson Glory Enter Here
Cory Alstad I Will Trust You
Cory Alstad Psalm 121
Mitch Langley The King is Coming
Sorin Bojin Your Love is Greater
Mitch Langley Because of Who You Are
Tony Robinson Praise Arise
Tony Robinson Given Away
Tony Robinson Our Story
M Kersh How Lovely Your Grace
Chad Nedohin Every Minute
Michelle Martin Nobody Loves Me Like Jesus
Matt Jagers No Greater Love
Drew Ley All I Am is Yours
Gavin Conrad Bow Down
Song for the Children

Andi Cotton The Blessings Grow
Agnes Delray Heart of the Father
Tim Richardson Silent Cries
Agnes Delray A Child Like Me
Abby Michelle Never Abandon
Lindsay Rae Make a Difference
Eric Graef The Solution
Emma Feldman Treasures
Sarah Stankiewcz These are the Children
Haley DeAndrea Be the Change

Here is what last year’s Grand prize and Worship Song writer, Jon Buller had to say:
Being selected for praisecharts.com Worship Song of the Year and winner of the Christian Songwriting Competition was an experience that delivered much more than I expected.  Both the CSC and the folks at Praise Charts have amazing ministries.  They care about worship and the church and want to give profile to music that enhances people’s experience in praising our Creator, Saviour, Healer and King.  Aside from those all important reasons to participate, it’s also fun to be part of the ride, have your music exposed world-wide, and see what God is doing in His body everywhere.  Go all in, you won’t regret it.
Congratulations to the winners from the 2013 competition:
The Winner in the Compassion Song for the Children Category is Olivia Pothoff: More Than Gold https://soundcloud.com/olivia-pothoff/01-more-than-gold?in=user638906212%2Fsets%2Fsfc
The winner in the Open Category is Bori Afolabi: Whose Somebody  https://soundcloud.com/boriafolabi/whose-somebody?in=user638906212%2Fsets%2Fopen
The winner from the Worship Category is Jon Buller and his song “Sing His Song!”:  Thanks to our sponsor for this category, #PraiseCharts for their amazing work in helping make this all happen this year!
Second place was Jason Chatham, and tied for third was Eric Michael and Dmetric Phillips. Not only did Jon Buller win the Worship Song category, but he also won the overall Grand Prize. A big thanks to each and every entry. It was a very strong year, and we are encouraged to see so many strong songs being written for the Ultimate Purpose!  https://soundcloud.com/jonbuller/sing-his-song